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Sales Enquires
Q:Are there printed versions of these titles and where can I purchase them?
A:Yes, print versions are available at all Popular Book Stores throughout Singapore (except school stores) For the full list and contact details of our stores, please refer to store listings.
Q:Can I purchase the eBook titles from the web store?
A:We are sorry, all eBook purchases are made through the Apple App Store with your iTunes account or the Google Play Store with your Google account. You will need to download the EFI Early Readers app from either store to purchase eBook titles.
Q:Can I purchase an eBook as a gift for someone?
A:Yes, we are currently working to enable e-vouchers so that you pay purchase these eBooks as a gift to anyone. We'll update our site when this function is ready by 2014.
Q:How long can I use each eBook?
A:We believe good books should last for lifetime, which is why all purchases are perpetual. If you like what we have developed, support us by purchasing additional titles.
Q:I have multiple devices. Do I need to purchase separate eBooks for each device?
A:You are allowed up to a maximum of 5 downloads, per eBook, per user account. This allows you to either share across multiple devices, or you can download, delete and re-download for up to 5 times. If you need more help with this, drop us a note.
Q:Is there a difference between the iOS version and the Android version?
A:No, there is no difference. However, you will need to use the latest iOS version 7.0 and above or the Android version 4.3 and above. For compatibility issues, we cannot guarantee it will support older versions of iOS / Android.
Q:Do I get a discount if I purchase the same title on print as well as digital?
A:We do bundling promotions from time to time. If you like to be informed via emailing lists, submit your details here.
Q:I am an educator. Do I get a discount if I purchase in bulk for my school / institution?
A:We do offer an exclusive price for bulk purchases. Please submit your details via the Contact Us Form and let us know how we can help you with this request.
Q:I am using both Android and iOS devices. Can I purchase 1 eBook and use on both platform?
A:We are sorry, but our in-app purchase model is unique to Android and iOS respectively, which means you will need to buy using your respective iTunes and Google Account.
Features Enquires
Q:What's the difference between 'Read to me' and 'I can read'?
A:'Read to me' has professional narration support. It includes highlighting words/phases so that your child can listen to the pronunciation and recognize. 'I can read' disables the assisted narration, so you can read to your child at the pace you desire.
Q:Why can't I pause between reading?
A:We keep the user interface as simple as possible, to avoid confusing the users (which are mainly children of age 3 to 6 years old). When you select 'Read to me', there is a pause between each page, before it continues to auto read. You can touch on any of the 'hot-spots' to play with the interactive. Use the Left or Right directional icon to navigate to the next or previous page. If you select ' I can read', you have full control. You can touch on the 'Left' or 'Right' directional icon to navigate to the next or previous page.
Q:Can I skip pages?
A:Yes, there is a 'wheel' at the bottom centre of the screen. Tap to bring up the thumbnails. Use your finger and swipe left or right.Tap on the page you wish to read. If you wish to exit to the main menu, Tap on the home button on the right hand side.
Q:Is there volume control?
A:Use your device to control the volume output. Please refer to your device user manual for more information.
Q:How to repeat the phase that was just read by the assisted narration?
A:There is a blue icon that resembles a speaker at the top left corner of the story text. Tap on it once to repeat the assisted narration. Words that are highlighted in colour can be read individually.
Q:What are the glowing rings on the illustration of each page?
A:These are 'hot-spots' with a tiny surprise within. Go on, try all of them and let your child explore what's beneath.
Q:How do I get back to the activity main menu?
A:There is a 'pause' button the lower right hand side of the screen. Tap on it to 'Pause' , 'Go to Activity Menu' or 'Restart' the game activity.
Q:Can I pause between the game activities?
A:Yes, there is a 'pause' button on the lower right hand side of the screen. To resume, tap on 'Resume' button.
Q:If I can't see the words / text, can I pinch and zoom?
A:We are sorry, the 'pinch-and-zoom' function is not supported at this moment.
Technical Enquires
Q:The screen does not orientate in portrait mode. Is there something wrong?
A:Don't worry. We find the user experience in landscape best optimized for little children (as well as adults), so we have 'lock-in' our landscape mode. However, it does work across various screens, such as mobile phones and tablets. We do encourage browsing and reading on big screen tablets though.
Q:The App keeps freezing? What can I do?
A:Drop us a note here and we'll try to help, as best we can. Let us have the full background of the issues faced by you.
Q:I have an older phone/tablet,which does not support the latest OS update. Can this app work?
A:We can't guarantee compatibility issues for older OS versions or devices. To make sure you are not daunted by this experience, we are prepared to offer a full a full refund based on case-by-case situation. To help us facilitate this request, drop us a note with your account details, transaction record and any supporting documents, such as screen-captures of the issues you faced. Our helpdesk will try to help you rectify your issues to our best ability. If we are unable to resolve your issues, we'll offer a full refund of your purchases.
Q:What is the maximum screen size it supports?
A:Our app is designed to take advantage of the tablet / mobile screen size between 5” to 10”, but we have customers with SMART TV running Android OS output to 40” screen. As with all big screen devices, the bigger it gets, the more pixelated. The children are generally happy using small tablets with their small hands, so it's really up to you.
Q:What is the file size for each eBook?
A:It could range from 70MB to 120MB. Remember, if you are running out of space, you can always delete a book and re-download it again. However, we'll only allow up to 5 downloads per book, per account. If you need more, just drop us a request here.
Q:Can I download over 3G/4G/LTE?
A:You can download over 3G/4G/LTE but due to the file package size, we advise users to use Wi-Fi where possible.
Q:Will there be updates?
A:For iOS and Android, the app update notification will be automatic through the respective Apple App Store or Google Play Store.